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Here the Majzooban Noor reports that a group of Gonabadi dervishes from the late hours of the night commenced to gather signatures and establish a campaign so-called "No to Civil Death", following unfair and illegal sentences of the Judiciary, by protesting on the violation of the rights of dervishes and condemning the policy of "Civil Death" against the aforementioned people.
The issued statement is as follows:

The constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran as the main executive law stipulates:

From the point of view of Islam, the government does not emanate from the class position, individual or group domination, but the crystallization of the political aspiration of a coherent and united nation in which opens up its own path to the ultimate objective of moving towards God. Dignity, property, rights, housing and occupation of individuals are inviolable; Inquisition is prohibited, and no one should be interrogated, misconducted and aggressed due to a special belief.

But it is not covered to the noble, honorable and compassionate people of Iran that for a long time, the dervishes of Namatollahi Gonabadi Order, their human and legal rights have been trampled by the outlaws and lawbreakers. We have repeatedly stated that we are not politics oriented, but this does not mean that we accept oppression and humiliation, and in partnership with or with our silence, nor do we partner with the oppressors and their sins. The cry against cruelty is the least right of the oppressed, and what a bitter it would be that the same outlaw and lawbreaker would receive and pursue our complaints.

Some parts of the judiciary have issued unjust sentences with arbitrary detentions and misplaced positions, which have provided support for violent makers and have been a source of insecurity and violence. In fact, it should be stated, this authority which must be independent in accordance with the constitution as well as the provider of personal and social rights, responsible for the realization of justice, the restoration of public rights, the development of justice, legitimate freedoms and supervision over the implementation of rules and laws, unfortunately, in practice, it has had the largest share in the expansion and continuation of discrimination and the violation of the rights of the dervishes.

In the Kavar event in September 2011, and the attack of religious extremists against the Dervishes residing the city, which resulted in the martyrdom of Engineer Vahid Benani and the wounding of three others, subsequently; a large number of dervishes were arrested, including attorneys and administrators of the Website of Majzoban Nour, and a case called Moharebeh ( fight against God) was opened against Kavar Dervishes and four of them were named Mohsen Esmaeili, Mohammad Ali Sadeghi, Ebrahim Bahrami and Mohammad Ali Dehghan were sentenced to 7 years in exile, and Mohammad Ali Shamsirzan, Kazem Dehghan and Hamid Reza Arayesh were sentenced to life exile, respectively; as well. Now, six years after the incident, the judiciary has turned the deportation sentences of these seven dervishes to jail and stated that the condition of their emancipation would be "repentance". Moreover, Mr. Mohammad Ali Shamsirzan was illegally arrested in his exile in Bandar Abbas last year and is still in prison.

These sentences were issued while the clerics responsible for the incident were convicted in the clerical court and confessed to their crimes, but officials and governors with the knowledge of the oppression of the dervishes are also following the policy of "Civil Death" toward dervishes. They have called on Dervishes of Kavar to halt their beliefs by repentance and to deny the right to defend themselves against the invasion of enemies, and in fact accept Civil Death.

The term of Civil Death means: discrimination and deprivation of human and social rights, the prohibition of the enjoyment of legal benefits as well as the deprivation of right to defend and impose conditions and also to create conditions of exile in their own country.

Civil Death is an unwritten politics and law which is inspired by security view, forcing and orienting citizens to despair, isolation, fear, silence and strain against oppression. The campaign "No to the Civil Death" is an attempt to recognize the legal rights of all citizens with any opinion and attitudes in all walks of the society, and also is a reminder of this principle to all heterogeneous classes of the nation and sovereignty that judicial security and social justice will be possible in the health and soundness of the judiciary.

The campaign "No to Civil Death" makes a demand of all people and activists in various social domains that are concerned with the rights and justice and law enforcement, to protect and support us in the enforcement of the law. We all, based on the law of the country and holy Sharia which is designated for everyone, as long as these cruel rules are implemented and executed for our brothers, unanimously and vocally shout and voice "I am from Kavar also".

"We are not Mohareb (fighter against God), we avoid chaos and riot, but we stand up to the lost rights of our brothers".
We, dervishes, won't accept "Civil Death" under any condition.