Jailed Dervishes's resistance against violation of law by judge Salavati/ Salavati: I will sentence them in absentia!

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Gonabadi Dervishes's lawyers , who were supposed to be tried in Branch 15 of the Tehran's Revolutionary Court on 21 Esfand 1391( March 11, 2013) refused to attend the court for the fourth time.

According to Majzooban Noor, Dervishes's lawyers and Majzooban Noor website's managers(Nematollahi Gonabadi Order News Site) Messrs. Hamid Reza Moradi, Mostafa Daneshjou, Amir Eslami, Farshid Yadollahi, Afshin Karampour and Reza Entesari, once again refused to attend their trial.
The imprisoned Dervishes did not participate in the court presided over by Judge Salavati in protest against illegal Procedure for their accusative case which faced with the violent reactions from judge Salavati.

Previously in a letter signed by these jailed lawyers and Dervish rights activists, they requested investigation on violation of law by judge Salavati from disciplinary prosecutor court of Judges.
In a part of that letter of complaint, the attorneys have quoted the violations as follows:
1- "Non-observance of formalities in regulation of general and Revolution's Court establishment for private penal appeal cases."

2- "Expiration of the least legal prison sentences and continuation of illegal imprisonments."

3- "Insulting and beating the prisoners during arrest and during interrogation."

4- "Submitting the matter of investigation to the security agents of ministry of Intelligence who are the plaintiff and could not be considered as justice executor officers."

5- 'Not allowing the defender lawyers to meet them or to study their file case."

6- "New charges in their last hearing at Evin prison and raising some empathic and Ideological questions".

7- "Giving unlawful shooting the defendants by the chasing authorities."

8- "Keeping the defendants in solitary confinement for more than 4 months."

9- "Using blindfolded and handcuffed in the interrogation sections."

After that, due to their absence at the previous Court session, under order from Judge Salavati,

the above mentioned 7 attorneys and managers of Majzooban Noor website have been put in the basement of the prison Section 209 of Evin prison for more than 2 months until now and even for an extended period of time they were forbidden to visit their families.
Mr. Salavati by threatening their defender lawyers has announced that:

"I will sentence them in absentia." which is also illegal!

Meanwhile two other jailed Gonabadi dervishes who are behind bars for more than 19 months in Shiraz's Adel Abad prison , lunched a hunger strike to protest illegal transfer of these seven attorneys to solitary confinement of Evin prison on 27th of Dey 1391 ( Jan 15, 2013). Saleh Moradi and Kasra Nouri by expressing concern about dir health of all jailed Dervish lawyers especially Hamid Moradi and Mostafa Daneshjou, required prison officials to transfer back seven Gonabadi dervishes's lawyers to the general ward of Evin Prison but unfortunately their request has not been answered yet and the detained lawyers of the Gonabadi dervishes are being held in solitary confinement of Ward 209 for more than 2 months.


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